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Table of Contents                                                            Vol. 10 No. 4 | July /Aug. 2022

        Features                                          Departments
                                                          6  Publishers’ Note
        8  Market Study: State of U.S. Construction and
           Outlook 2022-2023                              43  New Products
           Daniel LoBue of Tego Systems Corp. analyzes the U.S.
           construction market for 2022 and projects the trends for 2023
           in the residential, commercial and public construction sectors.                                JUL/AUG 2022
                                                                           • $6
        14 MAPEI: Looking Ahead to the Future at 85
           Multinational group celebrates 85 years serving the
           building industry and looks to take on new challenges with   On the Cover:  Back Buttering, Flat Back Troweling/
                                                                                    Notched Back Troweling, p. 28
           commitment, passion, high specialization and professionalism.   ARDEX K 520 Self-Leveling
                                                         Concrete Topping is used to
                                                         resurface indoor concrete and
        18 Proactive Solutions: Admixtures in Concrete…   certain non-porous surfaces. It   Dealing With VA Tile, Cutback
                                                                                      Adhesive, p. 32
           How Common Is It?
           Columnist David Seland discusses admixtures in concrete and   is walkable within 2 - 3 hours,   Moisture Testing – The Key to Preventing
                                                         and can be sealed in as little
                                                                                     a Flooring Disaster, 40
           the use of water reducing admixtures creating the desired   as 24 hours. Photo courtesy of   Market Study: State
                                                                                    of U.S. Construction
           slump as defined in ASTM C143.                Ardex Americas.            and Outlook
                                                                                    2022-2023, p. 8
                                                                                    MAPEI: Looking
                                                                                    Ahead to the Future
        23 Finish Applications & Corrections for                                    at 85, p. 14
                                                                                    Proactive Solutions:
                                                                                    Admixtures in
           Hardwood Floors                                                          Concrete, p. 18
                                                                                    Finish Applications
           According to a recent study, wood flooring contractors report            & Corrections for
                                                                                     Hardwood Floors, p. 23
           than more than 30% of their annual revenue is from refinishing
           existing wood floors. NWFA’s Brett Miller explains some issues
           and corrections.
        28 Back Buttering, Flat Back Troweling/Notched
           Back Troweling                                Publishing & Sales Office
           Tile/Stone Talk columnist Greg Mowat of Forensic Tile   4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd.,
           Consultants discusses the proper methods of installing ceramic   Ste. 560
           tile using back buttering, flat back troweling and notched back   Westlake Village, CA 91361
           troweling.                                    Phone: (805) 870-5171
                                                         Fax: (805) 272-9729
        32 Installation: Dealing With VA Tile,
           Cutback Adhesive                              Jeff Golden, Editor & Co-Publisher
           Columnist Ray Thompson shares first-hand experience dealing   Dan Lipman, Sales Manager & Co-Publisher
           with a residential remodel in the desert on a concrete slab   Mike Chmielecki, Senior Editor
           with va tile and cutback adhesive.            Tony King, Art Director
                                                         Editorial Advisory Board:
        38 Training: CFI’s 5-Week Certification Course    Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF); Floor Covering Installation
                                                         Contractors Association (FCICA); INSTALL; International  Certified
        39 Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know         Flooring Installers Association (CFI); National Tile Contractors Association
           About Unsecured Loans                         (NTCA); National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT);
           Joel Cannon, SVP Consumer Home Improvement Lending   National Institute of Floor Covering Inspectors (NIFCI); National Wood
           Sales & Marketing of EnerBank USA, explains the benefits of   Flooring Association (NWFA); North American Laminate Floor Assn.; and
           offering unsecured loans to your customers.   World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).
        40 Moisture Testing – The Key to Preventing a    PROINSTALLER MAGAZINE  Volume 10, Issue 4  (ISSN 2327-6312,  Print)
           Flooring Disaster                             and (ISSN 2327-6320, Online) is published by JG Media Group LLC, 4607
           Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters outlines how testing before   Lakeview Canyon Rd., Ste. 560, Westlake Village, CA 91361. Telephone:
           beginning the job is critical to preventing a moisture disaster.   (805) 870-5171, Fax: (805) 272-9729.  Annual rate for subscriptions in the
                                                         U.S.A.: $30 USD.
        42 Quick Tip: When Selecting Wood Flooring…
           Educating Your Customer is Key!               Annual rate for subscriptions to nonqualified individuals in Canada: $50
           Dave Graf of Graf Brothers presents the importance of   (includes GST and postage); all other countries: $75 (airmail) USD.
           discussing the various hardwood cuts and wood grades when   POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: PROINSTALLER MAGAZINE,
           educating your hardwood flooring customers.   4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd., Ste. 560, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

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