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                             A Day to Remember: June 2, 2022
                             June 2, 2022. This will be a day remembered throughout the floor covering industry and
                             the world. On that day, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to celebrate
                             a Platinum Jubilee for her unmatched 70-year reign. During that same day, the Floor             This isn’t
                             Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF) hosted its inaugural “One Day to Give,” a 24-hour
                             online fundraising drive.

                             “The goal of One Day to Give was to increase the awareness of FCIF while also, of course,
                             encouraging donations from individuals within the flooring industry. The results of this
                             first event were excellent and achieved both goals,” said Jeanne Matson, FCIF board
                             member and industry consultant. The nonprofit received nearly $80K in donations which           a solution
                             exceeded their goal for this event. Also of note, more than 25% of donations were from  first-time donors while previous FCIF contributors stepped up and accepted the plus 10%
                             challenge. Andrea Blackbourn, the foundation’s executive director, added, “These results
                             are very exciting, and we are looking forward to repeating this event in the future.”

                             “The FCIF is the best-kept secret in our industry,” stated Sam O’Krent, FCIF board
                             member. “Established 41 years ago with ‘care’ at the heart of its mission, this amazing
                             organization has been virtually unknown outside of north Georgia.”

                             The Foundation was founded in 1981 through industry-wide efforts led by J.B. (Joe)
                             Maffet from World Carpet (now part of Mohawk); Harry I. Saul from Queen Carpet
                             (now part of Shaw Industries); Robert E. Shaw, owner and CEO of Engineered Floors;
                             continuously serving board member Larry Nagle, president of N.L. Nagle, Inc.; Walter
                             Guinan of Karastan; and Al Wahnon, the late trade journalist and publisher of Floor
                             Covering News.
                             The One Day to Give fundraising drive created more visibility for the Foundation’s efforts
                             to make a lasting impact on families faced with unexpected medical battles who need help
                             getting back on their feet. The organization provides financial assistance grants to those
                             who are struggling with severe illnesses, injuries and disabilities.

                             The 501(c)3 charitable organization has grown to $1 million in annual revenue, and helps           Drilling holes in perfectly good concrete to test for RH doesn’t do a thing to stop
                             more than 100 families a year battle catastrophic medical conditions. With the FCIF, the
                             industry takes care of its own, similar to the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and Major            moisture from finding its way to your flooring. Using a proven moisture mitigation
                             League Baseball’s BAT (Baseball Assistance Team). The FCIF has distributed more than
                             $9 million in grants with compassion, confidentiality and dignity. Beneficiaries include           system that’s warranted to 100% RH is the only way to be sure your flooring is
                             flooring retailers, installers, retail salespeople, distributor personnel, manufacturing
                             employees and industry executives.                                                                 protected, now and forever. That’s what we call Proactive Concrete Solutions.
                                                                                                                                Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.
                             Do you know someone in the industry who can benefit from FCIF? If so, reach out/apply
                             at or call (706) 217-1183. The three criteria to receive financial assistance
                             are: applicant or household family member must have worked 5-plus years in the floor
                             covering industry; currently battling a life-altering illness, injury or disability that
                             impacts ability to work; and financial need. Donations to the FCIF are accepted year-

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